About Us


 Hey, I am Mizzy Melody... 


"Mizzy Melody is a freelance Shopify Partner and Graphic Designer with a verified Digital Marketer certificate, who has over 8 years of freelancing experience. 

As a Graphic Designer, she specializes in Visual Identity and Social Media graphic designs, which can be used as assets for marketing strategies.

As a Shopify Partner, she works with Shopify to help entrepreneurs get started with their stores. Shopify provides resources to it’s Partners, and she uses those resources to help ecommerce store owners.

As a verified Digital Marketing specialist (with certificate), she leverages online marketing tactics such as social media marketing, search marketing, sales funnel, and email marketing.

Some of her verified credentials and digital marketing badges are as follows:

Whenever she is not working in front of her laptop, she is immersed in important volunteer activities. During her free time, she likes watching movies as a form of relaxation. Additionally, when the adventurous side of her brain kicks off, she's most probably dipping in the azure ocean or trekking through the mountain."