Terms of Service

I'll show you my workflow which I call "The Success Structure". This structure is composed of six steps:


    Visualization of the detailed requests for the project and discuss the service inclusions and payment agreement.

    Confirmation of the agreed project. Sending the contract and invoice of the 50% downpayment.

    Creation and consistent communication regarding the project.

    Modification and sending of the draft project for approval. Modify any changes or additional requests.

    Finalization and project completion. Sending the approved files upon receiving the remaining 50% final payment.

    Continuation and option to maintain the project.

Before the start of any project, I’d like to have the Order Brief filled out, the Contract signed, and the Downpayment sent.


An Order Brief is a form that a client will fill out to give me more information I needed for the project, from start to finish. Usually, I email or send a follow up message if I have more questions about the project.

The Contract states everything that is guaranteed to be fair for both parties, hence the Client and me, the Freelance Graphic Designer & Digital Marketer. I encourage the client to always read it and ask me questions after.


Once everything is set, we can start our journey together!